5 Crucial Co-Parenting Tips

Child's Drawing of Family

1. You must forgive. Forgiveness is not for them it is for you. Yes, it takes time, and it does not happen overnight. You have to determine in your heart that your reason for forgiving the one that hurt you is more about your child than it is about you. Those are two separate relationships. Be selfless and not selfish. Being selfless means, yes, you are still hurting, but seeing the smile on your child’s face means more to you than your hurt feelings.

2. Competition with one another will never get you anywhere but exhausted, with a lot of valuable time wasted. Arguing, cussing and fussing will leave you tired and thirsty. Killing one another with your words will get you nothing but a hardened heart. Your child is the one who will lose in the end. Is it worth it?

3. Respect the other parent’s space. Be grateful for the little things. There is nothing wrong with saying “Thank you” and “I appreciate you”. It doesn’t mean that you are trying to be a couple again. It simply means that you remain focused on raising your child together.

4. When the other person moves on and has a positive, stable relationship with someone else, don’t deny them the right to bring your child around the new person. If you don’t, your child may be missing out on another blessing. There is nothing wrong with them having more people to love them. Stop being insecure and immature.

5. If you trusted them enough to lie down with, trust them enough to take care of their responsibility. They don’t need your guidance step-by-step. There is a difference between helping and hindering the process. Nagging is not one of them. You are sure to push them away.

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