Sonya Adams Co-Parenting ClassHello! I am Sonya Adams. I have been sharing Blueprints for Successful Co-parenting, a Court Approved Co-parenting Class, with parents who are moving through the family court experience for ten years. Let’s just say, it wasn’t my first idea to do Co-Parenting classes. I had a mentor and trusted friend advise me in the matter. I collaborated with attorneys, counselors, a family court commissioner and a dedicated graduate assistant to develop the curriculum for the classes. So many minds came together on this project.  As a result, we feel the  the content is very rich and informative, and most attendees agree  they enjoy the classes and usually walk away with something new learned.  With the level of personal, parent interaction the classes provide,  I’m able to say that teaching BLUEPRINTS is always the highlight of my week. In addition to providing BLUEPRINTS Classes, I have provided Mediation Services in southwest Missouri since 2003. Although most of my mediation work has been related to family court proceedings (both contested and uncontested,) I’ve also worked with workplace tensions, small business transitions, real estate disputes, medical care confusion and end of life concerns. My extensive experience acting as a mediator has given me tremendous fulfillment and purpose. Time and client interactions have led me to understand that the farthest distance between people is not created by miles, loss of speech, loss of hearing, or even death, but by misunderstandings ~ woven tightly together with unresolved pain and/or fear. When we learn; our new knowledge empowers us with choice to do better (if we so choose, or not.)  I invite you to come to BLUEPRINTS and learn a new thing or two. It could lead to a positive change for you and for your children! Want to know a little more about me, personally? I enjoy listening to live music and spending my summers at the lake!  Summer is my favorite season.   I have an ardent desire to help others better understand new ideas & concepts that lead them to take action they may have not previously considered.  My secret to success is being persistent.  I am passionate about Personal Development, and  I enjoy reading books & attending discussions that promote higher learning and becoming a better servant. In summary,  I want to express my sincerest gratitude to my friends, family, and professional peers for the continued support.  If you've made it this far into my profile, It tells me you are not browsing, but instead seriously looking for a class that may provide you with that one piece of information that you need to move your circumstances in a more positive direction. Let’s find out. Register while you are here, or send me a text message with your questions.  I appreciate your interest, and I am looking forward to connecting with you soon. Until then, do all you reasonably can to increase the communication, cooperation and coordination occurring between you and your co-parent.