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Co Parenting Missouri StatuteBluePrints is a 2.5 hour Court Approved Educational Curriculum that satisfies Missouri statute section 452.600 RSMo. This program covers each of the requirements set forth by the Missouri statute: Divorce as a Loss, Co-Parenting/Shared Parenting, Child Development & Parenting Plan Development, Communication, Abuse, Legal Concepts and Terms, Visitation, Mediation, Community Resources

 Learn more on Co-Parenting       Sonya Adams Co-Parenting ClassHello! I am Sonya Adams. I have been sharing Blueprints for Successful Co-parenting, a Court Approved Co-parenting Class, with parents who are moving through the family court experience for ten years. Let’s just say it wasn’t my first idea to do Co-Parenting classes, I had a mentor and trusted friend advise me in the matter. I collaborated with attorneys, counselors, a family court commissioner and a dedicated graduate assistant to develop the blueprints for the business. So many minds came together on this project to make the content very rich and fulfilling that students could enjoy and learn from. Although, Co-Parenting classes weren’t my first idea for a career, I’m so happy that I did get involved and I’m able to say that classes are the highlight of my week. Learn more about Sonya